Waitlist Policy & Procedure

Effective January 1, 2020, there is a new waitlist policy at The Powerhouse, which is consistent with other premier cycling studios in the country. The new policy and process is as follows:

Joining the waitlist is a commitment to attend class. Here is how it works:

  1. Click “WAITLIST” button on the full class you wish to join.

  2. If a bike becomes available, you will automatically be added to the class.

  3. Waitlist priority booking ends 2 hours before class time start and any remaining openings will be assigned first come first served.

  4. 5 Minutes before class start TPH instructor will begin reassigning bikes not checked in to standby riders. 


How will you know if you have been added to the class?

  1. You will receive an email confirmation when you have been added to the class from the waitlist (texts are no longer available as too many people were not responding to the text in a timely manner, preventing others from accessing the available seats resulting numerous empty seats and several people still on the waitlist).

  2. Because in some instances people have chosen NOT to receive email notifications, it is our expectation that all waitlisted people check the App to see if you have been moved into the class. You will notice when you are moved to the class, you will not have a specific seat assigned to you. Your seat is designated however, it will be assigned at check-in.


What if you are added to the class from the waitlist and cancel or don’t show up?

  1. JOINING THE WAITLIST IS A COMMITMENT TO ATTEND CLASS. You may remove yourself from a Waitlist without penalty. However, once you are added to a class from the Waitlist, you are subject to the same late cancellation policy (see below) and no-show penalties as normal - a $10 fee for unlimited riders or loss of one credit for all others. 


What if I have not been added to the class?

  1. Waitlist priority booking ends two hours before class start time. This class is then open to ALL through the App on a first come first serve basis.

10* hour Late Cancel/No Show Policy

Considering cancelling your ride or not showing? The following is the cancellation/no show policy.  We have this policy because WE BELIEVE IN ACCOUNTABILITY IN ONE'S GOAL PURSUITS TOWARDS PERSONAL CARE as well as WE KNOW PEOPLE PLAN THEIR TIME AROUND THEIR RIDE AND WAITLIST SCHEDULE . We value other people's time as it is our most precious commodity.

The Powerhouse has an 10* hour Late Cancel/No Show Policy which requires which  all members to cancel at least 10 hours prior to the start of class. Failure to do so cancel within the 10 hour window will result in a $10 charge to your account for unlimited riders or loss of one credit for all others. If you have a legitimate emergency, please contact us at seipowerhouse@gmail.com and we may not charge your account depending on the circumstance and the number of no shows and late cancels that are on your account. We believe our members enjoy the accountability and respectful community that this policy encourages.


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